Arsenal FC vs Manchester U
Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC vs Manchester U

Emirates Stadium

Her kan du bestille billetter til kampen mellem Arsenal FC og Manchester U. Du kan se hvornår Arsenal FC spiller hjemme næste gang på Emirates Stadium mod Manchester U på listen nedenfor.

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Arsenal - Manchester United, two giants of the English football

Arsenal's arch-rivals are Tottenham Hotspurs, as both teams are based in North London. Manchester United’s biggest rivals are now Manchester City, after a dark period for City during which their place was taken by Liverpool FC. But when Arsenal play United, football fans all over the world tune in for one of the biggest shows of the season

It’s tough to be Manchester United in the Premiership, because you know that it’s going be the opponent’s match of the year, no matter who they are or how ordinary a match United think it is. And it’s tough to be Arsenal for the very same reason. This is how you know when the two teams meet, you are in for football at its finest.
The two clubs have grown over the years, and so did the rivalry. And maybe you won’t be able to say you watched a match between The Invincibles by Arsène Wenger and the injury-time miracle Champions League winner United by Sir Alex Ferguson, but Wenger is still coaching Arsenal, and with José Mourinho sitting on United’s bench, you know there will be plenty of entertainment.
Whether the match is played at Old Trafford in Manchester or at Emirates Stadium in Holloway, London, the stadium will be packed and both home and away supporters will do anything to carry their team to victory.


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Arsenal FC vs Manchester U
LØR, 02 DEC 2017 eller SØN, 03 DEC 2017

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Emirates Stadium.

Emirates Stadium

Arenaoversigt, Emirates Stadium Arenaoversigt Arenaoversigt Emirates Stadium


Arsenal Stadium Avenell Road Highbury London N5 1BU
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Kort, Emirates Stadium

Arsenal St. ( På Piccadilly Line) eller Finsbury Park St. (På Victoria eller Piccadilly Lines)

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